Mrs.Narmada Sindhu

Associate Professor

Mrs. M. Narmada Sindhu is an academic professional with 8 years of experience in colleges, having completed her post-graduation in Computer Applications in 2011 with a strong commitment to academic excellence.

Currently serving as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Applications at Sri Venkateswara College of Computer Applications and Management, she actively engages in departmental activities and participates in academic initiatives. She consistently attends workshops and seminars to stay current in her field and build her professional network.

Throughout her academic career, she has distinguished herself by mentoring numerous college students in Software Project Management, Mobile Application Development, and Machine Learning. She possesses the ability to effectively convey complex concepts, engage students, and create a stimulating learning environment.

She exhibits strong organizational skills, enabling her to manage teaching responsibilities and administrative tasks with efficiency. Furthermore, she demonstrates flexibility in adapting to changing academic environments, technologies, and pedagogical approaches.