Engaging Minds: The Current Affairs Club for MBA Students


The Current Affairs Club for MBA students at SVGI is more than just a forum for discussing global events; it’s a platform for honing critical thinking, fostering debate, and enhancing knowledge beyond the classroom. With a diverse contribution drawn from various industries and backgrounds, our club offers a unique opportunity to explore the intersection of business, politics, economics, Sustainability and society.


Our mission is to create a dynamic space where MBA students can engage in informed discussions, analyze complex issues, and develop a deeper understanding of the forces shaping the world. Through a range of activities, including speaker sessions, debates, workshops, and simulations, we aim to cultivate intellectual curiosity, promote civil discourse, and empower future business leaders to navigate a rapidly changing global landscape.


Speaker Sessions: Invite experts from academia, Government, NGOs, and industry to share insights on pressing issues such as sustainability, geopolitics, technology, Business and ethics.

Debates: Organize structured debates on controversial topics to encourage critical thinking, persuasive communication, and respectful disagreement.

Workshops: Conduct workshops on media literacy, fact-checking, and research skills to equip members with the tools to discern credible information in the era of fake news.

Simulations: Host simulations of international negotiations, corporate boardroom meetings, and crisis management scenarios to develop leadership, teamwork, and decision-making abilities.

Current Affairs Quizzes: Organize regular quizzes to test members’ knowledge of recent events and stimulate curiosity about the world.


Broaden Perspectives: Gain exposure to diverse viewpoints, cultures, and experiences through interactions with fellow students and guest speakers.

Enhance Skills: Develop critical thinking, communication, research, and leadership skills essential for success in business and beyond.

Network Building: Forge meaningful connections with peers, alumni, and industry professionals who share a passion for understanding and shaping the world.

Personal Growth: Expand intellectual horizons, build confidence, and cultivate a lifelong habit of staying informed and engaged with current affairs.

Impactful Engagement: Collaborate on projects and initiatives that leverage business knowledge and skills to address real-world challenges and make a positive difference in society.


We at “Engaging Minds”actively shape the future,Whether you aspire to lead multinational corporations, launch entrepreneurial ventures, or drive social change, our club provides a supportive community and a wealth of opportunities to develop the insights, skills, and connections needed to thrive in a complex and interconnected world. Engage your mind, broaden your horizons, and be part of a vibrant community committed to making a difference.