Finance Club at Sri Venkateswara Group of Institutions is fondly called Core Fin Oxy (CFO) a student-run initiative. It works towards boosting interest in Finance on the campus and also helps indulge that interest through competitions, workshops and professional opportunities. The club also hosts SVGI Finance Summit, a flagship event including speaker series, competitions and workshops. Instrumental in ensuring preparedness for placements, the club also endeavors to serve as a bridge between the industry and the student community.

It is recommended that officer terms are no longer than one years, and officers serve no more than two consecutive terms. It is also recommended that 50% of officers be elected in one semester and the other 50% of officers be elected in another semester to avoid having all new officers at one time. Events such Debate, Investment Analysis, Portfolio Constructions, Guest speakers from industry experts to marque the students of  Venky’s College to become industry ready road towards future CFO’s.

Clubs are assigned with the following think-tankers about their specific needs when identifying a full board slate.

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Committee Members
  • Career/Networking Liaison (STAFFS)

The following are the suggested job descriptions and duties can be used as guidelines

President Mr.EmayaBharathi- I MBA

The Club President has overall responsibility for the club and is the primary contact with the stake holders:

Oversees responsibilities of all volunteers

Facilitates the development of a strategic plan

Schedules and conducts regular board meetings including an annual meeting to develop the calendar of club events for the upcoming year

Delegates responsibilities, appoints committees, and schedules leadership meetings as needed

Serves as the primary contact for inquiries from all alumni, parents, and friends, except where other board members have been identified to respond to specific issues, or in specific areas

Serves as a master of ceremonies at club events

Plans for a well-suited successor to assure the continuation of a successful and effective club

Completes (or delegates completion of) the club’s Annual Report

Attends Leadership Symposium

Vice President Mr.Madhu Balan- I MBA & Mrs.Greeshma Gangadharan K V- I MBA

  • Officiates in the president’s absence
  • Chairs committees or projects as identified by the president
  • Manages bylaw review every semester and revision annually
  • Keeps minutes of all meetings
  • Becomes familiar with the duties of the president and long-range plan of the club
  • Succeeds the president at the end of his/her term

Secretary Mr.Athira P- I MBA Ms. Ezhilkumaran P- I MBA

  • Advises the NAA Staff of changes to members of the club board
  • Keeps all pertinent information related to the club to maintain a history of club activities
  • Responsible for communicating to board members about upcoming meetings
  • Maintains the club’s checking account
  • Pays all club bills
  • Forwards address changes and other changes in member information to the membership chair and NAA for database updates.

Treasurer Mr.Rajeshkanna S- I MBA

  • Manages online registration through the NAA’s online suite of tools for all club events
  • Delegates responsibilities for event management to club members
  • Oversees program committees that are created for a program
  • Communicates to board on program status during planning and post-event stages
  • Deposits event payments in a timely manner
  • Oversees the development and coordination of club events

Committee Members Mr. & Ms. All Students of MBA

Based on the size of the club and the number of interested alumni volunteers, clubs may want to form various operating committees. Forming committees is an excellent way to decrease the workload of board members and to develop future club leadership. The board can follow up on committee progress through committee reports. Examples of effective committees include: programming, membership/succession, scholarship, and community service.

Career/Networking Liaison (STAFFS)

  • Leads the event planning committee for networking events
  • Utilizes the NAA’s online suite of tools and the alumni directory to analyze the industries of local alumni.

Staff Facilitators – School of Finance
Dr. Keerthi B S
Dr. Ramesh Kumar N

Mr.Emaya Bharathi- I MBA

Committee Leads
Greeshma Gangadharan K V- I MBA VP
Madhu Balan- I MBA VP
Athira P- I MBA Scr.
Ezhilkumaran P- I MBA Scr.
Rajeshkanna S- I MBA Tr.