Dr. M. Meenakshisundaram brings a wealth of academic experience spanning over two decades in both higher education and corporate realms. His academic journey is adorned with an array of degrees, including an MBA, M.Com, MBA(HR), M.Phil, and a PhD in Management, supplemented by additional qualifications such as a PG Diploma in Computer Applications and Materials Management.

Currently serving as the Director of Academics at Sri Venkateswara College of Computer Applications and Management, Coimbatore since 2020, Dr. Meenakshisundaram has previously held pivotal roles in leading educational institutions in Coimbatore.

Dr. Meenakshisundaram’s academic odyssey is marked by diligent research, culminating in a PhD in Management from Bharathiar University in 2016. His research endeavors have focused on diverse areas such as Employee Engagement, Job Satisfaction, Sales Promotion, and Stress Management, evidenced by his publications in esteemed journals and presentations at national and international conferences.

With a blend of academic rigor and industry exposure, Dr. Meenakshisundaram has garnered experience at esteemed organizations including Coromandel Prodorite Ltd, Interfit India Ltd, and Loyal Super Fabrics Ltd, where he received accolades for his invaluable contributions.

Dr. Meenakshisundaram’s scholarly contributions are noteworthy, with over 14 papers published in reputed journals and presentations at national and international conferences. He has also contributed to ISBN edited volume books and has successfully guided 8 M.Phil scholars in their research pursuits.

An adept educator, Dr. Meenakshisundaram has not only guided numerous M.Phil scholars but has also spearheaded various academic initiatives and programs within college settings, fostering a culture of learning and scholarly inquiry.